I was vacationing on Amelia Island and one of my hearing aids stopped working. I didn’t want to spend the next few weeks asking people to repeat themselves. When I Googled hearing aid repair, US Hearing appeared and I was able to get an appointment the following day when I met with Joel Zerr who immediately impressed me with his knowledge of hearing aids. Sometimes he is able to repair them on site, but mine needed to be sent back to the factory for a modification he recommended to permanently fix the problem. In about a week I received a call the hearing aide was back and modified and repaired under guarantee at no cost and I can hear again. Joel is the “real deal!”
James Risen, on Google
My name is Carole Mefferd and I'm a client of Joel Zerr at US Hearing of Fernandina Beach, FL at 1545 S 14th Street , FB, FL. I have moved several times over the years and been to different hearing specialists, but I must say that Joel is the most knowledgeable and most helpful in explaining to me what must be done to advance my hearing. When I leave his office I feel very comfortable knowing that I will be able to manipulate my aids without messing them up, and even if I were to mess them up I feel comfortable knowing I can call Joel or stop by to see him and explain what I did so he can show me what I did wrong. I feel very comfortable with his business manner and highly recommend him to anyone to either upgrade their hearing aides or to purchase new ones.
Carole Mefferd, on Google
I found all too often I was replying to someone by saying, "I didn't hear you, can you please repeat what you said?" Or there were the times that someone whispered a piece of confidential information to me - that I didn't hear. (Your secret is safe with me.) After going for the hearing test and learning how much I was missing, I knew it was time to seriously consider getting hearing aids. I did and it is almost like living in a different world. From my first visit and subsequent visits, Joel Kerr spent as much time as I needed and answered all of my questions. For anyone who has wondered if hearing aids might benefit them, make an appointment with Mr Kerr. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Laura Kujawski, on Google
I have enjoyed working with Joel at this location. He is thorough, caring & knowledgeable. He took his time to make sure I was happy with both the fit & the sound. I would recommend them to anyone. I went to an ENT first & was not happy with their lack of support & knowledge. I felt like they just wanted me to buy hearing aids & be gone. It was a big adjustment period for me & I am glad I went with US Hearing & Joel.
Karen Hoover, on Google
I felt very comfortable with my hearing test. The Doctor was great and explained everything. I would recommend going to U.S. Hearing Aid Centers
Paula Vogelsang, on Google

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